Welcome Aboard

Located in St. Petersburg, FL the USS Tiberius, NCC-50210, is a meeting chapter of STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., a registered 501(c)7 non-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of North Carolina.


STARFLEET is an organization of Star Trek & general sci-fi enthusiasts (almost 4000!) that have united the world of fandom in their appreciation of Star Trek, the greatest Human adventure. This unique organization has over 200 chapters worldwide linking members from one corner of the Earth to the other into one huge fan run organization. It’s not just a fan club…

Who Are We?

We are people of all ages and from all walks of life, who enjoy Science Fiction in all its forms, from major motion pictures, to television series, to numerous books and magazines. Our Prime Directive is to make new friends, share our interest in Star Trek in an open environment, to serve our community, and most of all: to have fun. Each club member brings his or her special abilities to the group. We recognize this value by assigning fictional ranks and positions within the Fleet, reflecting the interests of the members. In addition, participation allows the individual to advance in fictional rank.

Why Star Trek?

Why not? Its debut on television over 40 years ago was the first successful mass visualization of the future. Its enduring strength arose from the fact that it was the first science fiction show to emphasize plot and character and to present a universe where people of all races worked together to solve common problems.


The USS Tiberius is a part of the Mighty Second Fleet which includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Caribbean Islands. We are also a founding chapter of Suncoast Squadron. We have members from all over the Florida and the southeastern USA, including North Carolina and Georgia.

The Tiberius officially commissioned August 11, 2007 at the STARFLEET International Conference in Denver, CO. Tim Russ, best known as the Vulcan Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, autographed a bottle of champagne that our Regional Coordinator Rear Admiral Jack “Towaway” Eaton had ferried to Denver for the occasion.

New T-Shirts!”

The USS Tiberius is proud to be the announce the production of the first chapter T-shirt.The information is found at the link for Quartermaster page.
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USS Tiberius T-Shirt

The Story So Far

In the fictional Star Trek universe, it’s the late twenty fourth century. The USS Tiberius is a Sovereign Class starship and carry a full complement of STARFLEET Marines and also a squadron of aerospace fighters.

For more information about our group, drop an email to the Commanding Officer.