News from Regional Coordinator

Hey everyone – I just wanted to make official the decisions I made over the weekend.

For those that don’t know, my current VRC – Chris Hammonds – had to step down as both the CO of the Harry Mudd and as my VRC due to some personal issues that are his private affairs. I wish him well and thank him very much for his service in those roles.

As such, after some lengthy conversations with several individuals over the last week I had to choose my new VRC. I decided that I would like to continue to lean on experience for a while and promote some ‘new blood’ in their position. As such, I’ve decided to choose Bruce Dolan as my new VRC and to officially promote Mike Brown to ZC of Zone 4. I spoke with each of them over the weekend during our Starfleet meeting and both have excitedly accepted.

That being said, I’ve also chosen our new Chief of Awards – Alex Gibson of the USS Neptune submitted a very good proposal and I’ll get him caught up to speed on a few things in the coming weeks. He’s elected to choose Richard Trulson as his Vice Chief to also help him with experience and know how.

If anyone has any questions or ideas – feel free to contact me or any of the Region Staff. On and Ever Upward!

FCAPT Ryan Case
Region 2 Coordinator