2016 Summit Award Winners

The Case clan is home safe and we wanted to thank everyone for an excellent Summit. I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Columbus, Georgia for the 2017 Summit hosted by the USS DaVinci!

I also promised that I would send out the 2016 Summit Award Winners – congratulations to everyone!
OCP Award – USS DaVinci
Website Awards
1st Place – USS Victorious
2nd Place – USS Tiberius
3rd Place – USS Khai Tam
Newsletter Awards
1st Place – USS Haise
2nd Place – USS Republic
3rd Place – USS DaVinci
Fred Haise Scholastic Achievement – John Yelverton​
Volunteer of the Year – Connie Fleming
Recruiter of the Year – Bryan Teske​
Junior Member of the Year – Clark Yelverton
Enlisted Member of the Year – Sandy Kritner​
Officer of the Year – Ann Mize Case​
Flag Officer of the Year – Richard Trulson​
CO of the Year – Michael Sylvester​
Ship of the Year – USS Harry Mudd

Perfect Reporting Awards went to the following ships: USS
Continuum, DaVinci, Dejah Thoris, Haise, Harry Mudd, Haven, Hephaestus, Hope, Paegan, Premonition, Republic, Tiberius, Victorious, and Wernher Von Braun

Congratulations again to everyone!
FCAPT Ryan Case
Region 2 Coordinator