In Memoriam

In Memoriam






LGEN Oliver J. Savander, Sr., USMC (Ret.)
Commanding Officer – USS Tiberius, NCC-50210
Officer in Charge – Second Brigade, R2
STARFLEET Surgeon General, 2010-2014
STARFLEET Medical, SG Senior Advisor-Operations

LGEN Oliver J. Savander, Sr. USMC (Ret.) quietly passed away on October 13, 2016, after a long illness. He was 72 years old (1944-2016). He is survived by his wife Dixie, and two adult children. Oliver spent many loving years with his family.

Military Service:
Sergeant Major (SGM), E-9 United States Marine Corps (Ret.) 1962-1985; Honorably Discharged
Decorations: Vietnam Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal.

Highlights of Active Duty Assignments:
Served in South East Asia (Vietnam) 1967-1969, Drill Instructor Parris Island 1969-1972, 2nd Force Recon HQS 1967-1969 & 1972 to 1978, Special Assignments, through Naval Intelligence (Joint Operations), 1970-1972.

In civilian life, Oliver completed his Advanced Technology Diploma, Emergency Medical Technician; St. Petersburg College, FL, 1987. And from 1986-1992, he served at the Highway 52 Fire Department, Pasco County, FL, in several positions:
Fire Captain • Fire Instructor • Fire Inspector
Ollie was injured in a structure fire in 1992.
LGEN Oliver Savander joined SFI in 2006. Until his death, LGEN Savander was the Commanding Officer, USS Tiberius, NCC-50210, SFI/R2. Held several leadership positions in the SFI STARFLEET Marine Corps, was STARFLEET Medical Corps Surgeon General (2010-2014), and currently was serving as SG Senior Advisor—Operations (2015 to present).
LGEN Savander was awarded the STARFLEET Marine Corps, Distinguished Service Cross in 2016 and received the STARFLEET Cross five times along with several other awards. He completed STARFLEET Academy’s Doctorate of Police, Fire, & Rescue, 2/2011, Doctorate of Special Operations, 3/2010, and Master of Special Operations, 2/2010. Within STARFLEET Academy, he served as Director, College of Fire and Rescue Studies: NIMS Reporting (2014 to Present).
In all the positions he held within the SFI organization, Ollie’s efforts were always supportive of SFI and the members. The actions of Oliver reflected great credit upon him, the SFI organization, STARFLEET Marine Corps, and the STARFLEET Medical Corps.
LGEN Savander, will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He left a legacy that can never be forgotten.


Regional Awards:

Region 2 Flag Officer of the Year, 2011

STARFLEET Cross, 2011

Starfleet Academy Achievement Award, 2009

Certificate of Appreciation, 2009
STARFLEET Academy Credentials:

Doctorate Degree
, Special Operations

Doctorate Degree, Law Enforcement

STARFLEET Academy Awards:
Boothby AwardRed SquadronAcadamy Service AwardAcadamy Service Award





Aerospace Medical WingsFighter Pilot Qualified
Special Operations QualifiedLeadership Device (Silver) LD-10Jump School CertifiedInfantry Device (Silver) IN-20
Commandants Campaign Award
SFMC Awards:
Award Rack





Chapter Awards:
Order of Roddenberry
631st Service Award
MACO Awards:
Tour of duty ribbonMACO ribbon
SFSO Awards:
General Martok Service Award 3 years
A long time friend and a marine of Starfleet Marines Corps had pass away Sunday October 20. 2013. Major Michael Cafazzo Born August 27 1936 died October 20, 2013. Run my database and the script writer for Starfleet Marines International for the Adjutant Generall office using “File Maker Pro”. Separate SMI as Major General and was part of 7th Divsion’s webmaster in 2006. Was activited Star Trek convention at our recruiting table. He bake a Pineapple and presented the cake too Dominic Keating on Enterprise.







12 September 1971 – 17 March 2011
—In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me—

Brian JewittThe 631st MSG and USS Tiberius regretfully announce the passing of one of our own Colonel Brian James Jewitt. He was very active with Starfleet Marines International (SMI) & Maquis International (MFI) as well as Starfleet International (SFI). He join USS Tiberius in 1999.




He had a chapter that was starting under the flag of Starfleet Marines International (SMI) and had a patch design by a member.
USS Waynesboro







The 631st MSG and USS Tiberius regretfully announce the passing of one of our own. Major Rick Keihl has joined his brethren in the Undiscovered Country. Rick was a USMC veteran and a long time member of the USS Tiberius. Before that, Rick was a long time member of the independent club USS Victorious in Clearwater, FL.

Rick passed away on 6 January 2009. According to his longtime friend and Commanding Officer Oliver Savander, Rick had previously been on dialysis.

As a member of Starfleet Marines International (SMI) Rick Kiehl held the rank of Major General in the 7th Division, 64th Regiment. During that time, he was a member of two chapters: USS Victorious and USS Tiberius (since 1998). He served as the 7th Divisional Chief of Operations under then-Division Commander Lt. General Dixie Savander. Rick was also a 7th Division Marine of the Year recipient for the years 2001 and 2003.

Rick KiehlOn the Tiberius, Rick was a member of the 457th MSG and OIC of the 87th MSG (SMI). He was also involved in other Star Trek and sci-fi fan groups, including a stint as a member of the “Haven’s Guard” aboard the independent club USS Haven (Orlando, FL).

In 2006, Rick joined STARFLEET and its St. Petersburg-based chapter USS Tiberius. He held the rank of Major in the STARFLEET Marine Corps as a member of the 631st MSG “Fighting Ospreys,” attached to the Tiberius, and attended meetings and functions until he became too sick to travel.

Rick Kiehl was a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served in the United States Marine Corps with the 1st Marine Division. Semper fi and Godspeed, Ricky….