Here are items for sale from the USS Tiberius Quartermaster. All items are produced by the USS Tiberius and sold to members at a discounted price. Shipping and handling prices are a flat plus tracking $4.40 for as many items as you like. Select “Shipping” and add it to your shopping cart. However if you wish to pick these items up at a meeting or from the Commanding Officer then there is no charge for shipping.





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Shipping and Handling for all items, no matter what the quantity in the U.S. Flat rate plus tracking. $4.50


Shipping and Handling for all items, International Flat rate plus tracking. $15.50

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SFMC Cover

SFMC Cover
Black Poly-Cotton SFMC Cap with No Emblem $6.99 + $1.00 Shipping = $7.99 total
Link to purchase on Amazon

USS Tiberius Ball Cap Cover

USS Tiberius Cover

Black 100% cotton, adjustable, one size fits all. “USS Tiberius NCC-50210” embroidered on the front in silver. $12.00



USSTiberius T-Shirt

(Not yet Produced)
USS Tiberius T-Shirt
Chapter shirts are $20 each (plus $1 per size above XL) that we are actively pre-ordering now, and would like to place the order by May 1, 2016.


USS Tiberius Chapter Patch

USS Tiberius Chapter Patch

Embroidered patch, navy blue with silver stitching. Great quality. $8.00



631st MSG Unit Patch

631st MSG Unit Patch

Embroidered patch for the 631st MSG, “The Fighting Ospreys,” dark blue with red accents and white stitching. Great quality. $8.00


Second Brigade Patch

Second Brigade Patch

Embroidered patch for Second Brigade, SFMC. Red with black and silver accents and gold stitching. Great quality. $8.00

Second Brigade Flash

Second Brigade Flash

Embroidered Beret Flash for Second Brigade, SFMC. Red with gold lettering and stitching. Great quality. $6.00


Embroidered  Wings

Embroidered Wings

Embroidered  wings, gold metal thread. Great quality. $8.00


Lifeform Patch


Embroidered patch, Lifeforms. “One Lifeform at a time!” Great quality. $8.00



Command Division Patch

Command Division patch

Embroidered Command Division Patch. Great quality. $8.00



Science Division Patch

Science Division Patch

Embroidered Science Division Patch. Great quality. $8.00



SFSO Recon Patch

SFSO Recon Patch

Embroidered SFSO Recon Patch. Great quality. $8.00


Tiberius Banner

Tiberius Banner

If you are a member of the USS Tiberius and want a banner of the chapter, please go to the following address: http://www.bannersonthecheap.com/PowerDesign.aspx?T=5653707A51434550756C48775A4B4A4C4B79434C31513D3D

Where too obtain the “TIBERIUS BANNER” save the image and upload it 2X5 banner with grommets is $14.74 + tax+ Shipping and Handling. If you want a larger banner than request. You are dealing with “Half Price” and this chapter isn’t responsible with errors.

Order by Mail

To order items by mail send payments to 6844 16 Terrace North, Apt. 587 St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 P:727-490-7731


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