Marines (631st MSG)

631st MSG PatchWelcome to the nest of the “Fighting Ospreys,” the 631st MSG! The unit is an Aerospace Fighter Squadron. The detachment also provides all tactical and flight operations personnel for the USS Tiberius.

Our unit’s motto is “Wings of Steel.” As a combined arms unit, there are many facets of our role in the Federation. As Infantry, the 631st provides ground troops for many types of missions, including small arms confrontations, riot control, and search and rescue. We are set up as a shipboard squadron with pilots, maintenance & support officers and enlisted crews to help keep the craft operational.
The 631st MSG is proud to support the USS Tiberius as part of the STARFLEET Marine Corps Second Brigade.
Our members have come from such organizations as UFPI and Starfleet Marines International before joining STARFLEET. The Officer in Charge (OIC) of the 631st MSG, and the Commander, Aero Group (CAG) is Lt. Colonel Anne Zecca. Click here for the Marine roster.
In March of 2009, at the 2009 Region Two Summit and Second Brigade Muster, the 631st MSG was honored with the Meritorious Unit Citation for their community service efforts in the previous year.